7th KIFEE International Symposium
March 16, 2014 : Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan

7th KIFEE International Symposium

Kyoto International Forum for Environment and Energy (KIFEE) was created in 2004 by the universities in the Kyoto region to establish an international arena for multi-disciplinary strategic co-operation to develop a sustainable society, inspired by the Kyoto Protocol. KIFEE has developed into an advanced “process”/arena where people + trust + inspiration create multidisciplinary teamwork cooperation that may solve challenges important for a sustainable society.

The driving force for the successful development was the vision of KIFEE, i.e to handle global challenges. This has attracted researchers from material and energy sector to agree upon and develop new multidisciplinary working areas. The material and energy areas are also strong international high-priority areas in both Japan and Norway.

The KIFEE 2014 topics will include the following areas:

1. Process Engineering
2. Electrochemistry and Advanced Inorganic Materials
3. Advanced Biological Materials
4. Education in Energy and Environment

Plenary Sessions
1. Strategic sessions
2. Sustainability sessions

On March 17, NorAlumni Japan will host a networking event for symposium participants to inform/demonstrate how NorAlumni can contribute to KIFEE activities in order to achieve their ambitions.

For more information and registration to the KIFEE Symposium, please visit KIFEE’s web pages:

7th KIFEE Symposium

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