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NorAlumni Japan is a network for strengthening research collaboration, student exchange and industrial partnership between Japan and Norway.

NorAlumni Japan is your way to get involved in Japan-Norway relations and establish or expand your existing network of students and researchers, and receive updates on Japanese-Norwegian collaboration and events

We want NorAlumni Japan to benefit our members through expanding your personal networks. We want membership to open the door to a myriad of opportunities – job requests, invitations, updates on what is happening in Norway and in Japan, academic projects and tenures, along with the chance to attend both formal and informal events in both Japan and Norway.

The NorAlumni network is open for everybody with a connection to Norway and Japan, and membership is completely free of charge. To sign up simply go to the NorAlumni Japan LinkedIn page and join our network

NorAlumni was developed and will be maintained cooperatively by the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway, with the support of Norwegian consulates and embassies, the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education, Abelia, and Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Other NorAlumni Japan partners are research institutes, universities and institutions of higher education along with their alumni organizations.

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About this website:
  •   All of our member interaction will be done via LinkedIn. We encourage you to use this page as actively as possible, as we hope our community will grow with your help.   If you would like to make a Sub-group, for example within one category/area, please propose to the Owner of our LinkedIn group.
  •   We are also active on Facebook and Twitter! Please follow us and like us to stay updated on events and news.
  •   Please sign up for our newsletter. We will send out this newsletter monthly with our latest news articles and updates. The newsletter can be configured to your own      interest fields to make sure you always get the information which is relevant for you.
  •   If you have any news, events or information which you feel are relevant for the NorAlumni network, please send it to us! You can find a form for submitting news under  the “About” tab.
  •   We also added a possibility to upload event information like programs and speaker lists with handout presentations to our website. If you are hosting an event and need  a place to put downloads and event information, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

We encourage everyone to join our LinkedIn group, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and also to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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