A Network between Norway and Japan

NorAlumni is focused on promoting research and development in numerous areas of interest to both Norway and Japan. On this portal, you’ll be able to find information about the research being conducted in these areas, as well as learn how you might get involved.


Student Poster Competition at Techno-Ocean 2016 Conference

Student Poster Competition at Techno-Ocean 2016 Conference

The Techno-Ocean 2016 conference was held in Kobe on October 6-8. The Techno-Ocean conference has been held since 1986 as a forum for communicating and exchanging information regarding ocean related technologies. The conference invites researchers, companies and student to meet and discuss their work. During this year’s conference a student poster competition was held, in(…)

Strengthening polar research cooperation between Norway and Japan – Japan-Norway Arctic Science and Innovation Week 2016

Norway and Japan share common interests in the Arctic and collaborate closely on research activities. Increased cooperation will be in focus when Japan-Norway Arctic Science and Innovation Week kicks off in Tokyo at the beginning of June. The countries also have shared interests in the areas of shipping and management of marine resources. Sustainability will be(…)

Apply for funding through the High North Programme 2013-2018 by SIU

The High North Programme supports collaboration between higher education institutions in Norway and institutions in Japan, Canada, China, Russia, the Republic of Korea and the United States in order to increase knowledge about the High North. The total budget for the High North Programme is NOK 53 million from 2013-2018. The programme has three project categories:(…)

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