The Japan Prize Foundation: 2016 Research Grant
November 30, 2015

The Japan Prize Foundation: 2016 Research Grant

Eligible areas of research: 
Areas concerning “substances, materials, production
Areas concerning “biological production and biological environment
Areas concerning “clean and sustainable energy
(1) Individuals who will be of the age of 35 or younger, on April 1, 2016 (however, those 36 or younger may also apply, if there has been a hiatus in their research career of longer than half a year, due to childbirth, childcare or nursing care; in such cases, the details of their circumstances should be written in the application form)
(2) Individuals enrolled at universities, public research institutes or other such institutions, who are able to engage in the relevant research throughout the 2016 grant period.
(3) Individuals who can provide a letter of recommendation from the head of their affiliated organization (the dean of the undergraduate or graduate school, director of the research institute, etc. (however, each head of an organization may only give one recommendation per category)
_Amount of grant: A sum of one million yen will be provided to each recipient of the grant. The number of grants is as follows:
Substances, materials, production: 10 recipients
Biological production and biological environment: 10 recipients
Clean and sustainable energy: 3 recipients
_Application period:
September 7 – November 30, 2015

Application form: (In Japanese Only)

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