NOK 18 million earmarked for research on Societal Security

NOK 18 million earmarked for research on Societal Security

The SAMRISK programme (The Research Council of Norway) is seeking grant proposals for research projects in two thematic priority areas:

  1. Societal considerations: dilemmas and conflicting objectives
  2. Prevention and preparedness

The overall objective of the SAMRISK II programme is to generate new knowledge and a deeper understanding of the risk and threats facing society and the capability within society to deal with and maintain critical societal functions and safeguard the life, health and basic needs of citizens during events involving major stressors. Research activities under the programme must be designed to strengthen the overall resilience of society and improve prevention, preparedness, rescue services, crisis management and learning.

Deadline:15.02.2017 13:00 CET

The project must:

  • be interdisciplinary. It is important that humanities subjects and traditions are given a key role. Psychological, legislative and economic perspectives are also relevant in this context.
  • be based on the national and international state of the art in the areas the project intends to explore. The ways in which the project builds upon existing knowledge must be clearly explained. Grant applications that share a significant degree of overlap with ongoing research projects will not be given priority.
  • incorporate international cooperation with foreign research groups and/or researchers, for instance through research stays abroad, visiting researchers or links with relevant research projects. Specific plans for cooperation must be described.
  • have a plan for user involvement to increase the likelihood that the results will be utilized.

It is desirable that other partners / users are involved in the project where appropriate.

For more information, you can read about the call in English and Norwegian.

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