Aizu University


Aizu University in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, is the first university dedicated to computer science engineering in Japan. It has a total of about 1,100 students enrolled in its undergraduate and graduate programs. The university advocates “advancement of knowledge for humanity” and carries out significant research in computer science.

In addition to Computer Science, English language education is an important aspect of the University of Aizu. The university is officially bilingual and all official meetings and correspondence are interpreted and translated. Approximately 40% of all professors come from overseas, including countries such as the India, South Korea, Canada, United States, Russia and China. Not only do students enroll in English courses throughout their undergraduate programs, many of their computer science courses are also taught in English. Students are required to write a graduation thesis in English. The university has international students at the masters and doctoral levels.

In 2005, the University of Aizu was chosen by the Japanese government, along with 20 other universities, to be a national center responsible for the improvement of international education. In this role, the University of Aizu carries out Computer Science research in collaboration with foreign universities such as Shanghai University, China and Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. The University of Aizu has research ties with many universities overseas, has international staff, and accepts students from abroad.

The current president is Shigeaki Tsunoyama.