Aoyama Gakuin University

AGU, 青山学院大学

Aoyama Gakuin University is a Japanese Christian university in Shibuya near Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan. Aoyama Gakuin University is part of a comprehensive educational institute called Aoyama Gakuin, which includes kindergarten, elementary school, junior/senior high school, and women’s junior college. Although Aoyama Gakuin’s history dates from October 1874, when missionaries (Dora E. Schoonmaker, Robert Samuel Maclay, Julius Soper) from the Methodist Episcopal Church of the United States established three schools. And John Franklin Goucher contributed to the establishment of the university. Canadian Methodist missionary Davidson MacDonald played a role in the establishment of Aoyama Gakuin, and his contribution to the improvement of Japan’s educational system is considered an important episode in the early history of Japanese-Canadian relations.[1] The institution took its present form in 1949 when Aoyama Gakuin College was established as a comprehensive university.

The university’s undergraduate and graduate programs include “literature”, “law”, “economics”, “business”, “international politics, economics and communication”, “science and engineering”,”cultual and creative studies”. And also the university’s specialised graduate programs that designed to train high level, specialized professionals, include “international management”, “law school”, and “professional accountancy”.