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Doshisha University


Joseph Hardy Neesima established Doshisha Eigakko (Academy) in 1875. Neesima died in 1890, at the age of 46, without fulfilling his dream. However, his students and others who shared his ambition passed on his legacy and established Doshisha University in 1912.

In 2005, Doshisha celebrated the 130th anniversary of its founding. All faculty members and graduates, together with the students, share an aspiration, and a collective effort, to complete the university and fully realize Neesima’s vision.

Doshisha Elementary School was opened in April 2006, some 130 years after Doshisha was originally founded in 1875. This opening finally brought to fruition the dream of an integrated educational system “from kindergarten through to university,” a strongly-held ambition of Doshisha’s founder Joseph Hardy Neesima.

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