Food Market Research and Information Center


FMRIC, or the Food Marketing Research & Information Center Japan is a public interest incorporated company that is mainly dedicated to food related investigations and researches in general. Originally established in 1967, in the authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), our mission has been to work on various themes of every food related fields from production to processing to retailing as well as consumption in order to consult the age’s needs. By promoting the food sector’s development and maximizing its potential, we provide meaningful contribution to the national life.

FMRIC has been working on various themes showing below. We are capable of wide ranged of target items such as fresh produce, stock farm products, fishery products, deeds, processed products, beverages including alcohols and flowers and ornamental plants. In order to depict challenges and provide solutions for it, we conduct investigations, analysis and verification test or so on. You can overview our recent activities at project archives.

  • Statistics of food/food productsDevelopment & maintenance of dynamic statistic data on production, processing, wholesaling, retailing of food/food products
  • Agricultural productsPromotion of agriculture and supply structure
  • Wholesale markets and logisticsEfficiency improvement of wholesale markets and logistics system
  • Food manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, food serviceAnalysis on food market structure, corporate activities, and distribution channels
  • Consumer marketConsumer behavior research, eating behavior
  • MarketingMarket research and strategy planning, Brand creation
  • Food demand forecastingDemand estimation and forcasting
  • Food systemAnalysis on whole food supply chain from agriculture or fishery stage to consumer stage
  • Food safety and securityResearch on organic foods, R&D on Food traceability
  • Environmental issues in food productionFood recycling, Environmental accounting