Fujita Health University

Fujita Health University was founded upon the guiding principle of originality. This is an ageless and unchanging concept which is still alive and at work in all we do today. Our principle of originality has found its expression in our many graduates, and will be at work as you study, enabling you to use your innate creativity to carve out the future. Originality releases you from your existing worldview, and opens up endless new possibilities, limited only by your imagination. Our university prides itself on its academism in the area of life sciences. We strive to train medics who will take a direct approach to problems as they occur, in order to find solutions, and we feel that the environment we offer is perfectly suited to learning this. Your road to working in medicine in the 21st century starts with us.Dr. Fujita believed that “educating people is the key work of life.” Based on this philosophy, he founded Fujita Gakuen in September 1964, in order to train nurses and clinical technologists, who at the time were in desperately short supply. Within a few years, the foundation had acquired vocational schools, a junior college and a university, making Fujita Gakuen what it is today. Fujita Gakuen is extremely proud of the creativity and forward-thinking style of its founder. We are the heirs of Dr. Fujita’s lifelong dedication to the training of highly skilled medical personnel, and are permanently dedicated to educating further generations to respond to the needs and hopes of society.