Hosei University


Hosei University is a private university based in Tokyo, Japan.The university originated in a school of law, Tokyo Hogakusha, established in 1880, and the following year renamed Tokyo Hogakko (i.e. Tokyo school of law). This was from 1883 headed by Dr. Gustave Emile Boissonade, and was heavily influenced by the French legal tradition. It merged in 1889 with a school of French studies, Tokyo Futsugakko ( i.e. Tokyo French school), that had been founded three years earlier. It adopted the name Hosei University (i.e. Tokyo university of law and politics) in 1903 and was recognized as a private university in 1920.

Other notable figures involved in its foundation include Dr.Masaaki Tomii, and Dr. Ume Kenjiro, “Father of the Japanese Civil Code”.

Hosei has three main campuses, which it calls Ichigaya, Koganei, and Tama. The Ichigaya campus is halfway between Ichigayaand Iidabashi stations in central Tokyo; its 26-story Boissonade Tower, completed in 2000, can be seen from either station. The campus has a city flavour but is still somewhat isolated from central Tokyo; the nearby presence of Yasukuni Shrine also contributes.

Sciences are studied at the Koganei campus to the west of Tokyo, and other subjects are split between Tama, which is near Hachi?ji, and Ichigaya.