International Christian University


International Christian  University is a non-denominational private university located in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan. Commonly known as ICU (both within Japan and abroad), the university was founded in 1949.

ICU’s follows a liberal arts curriculum, and offers 32 majors. The university was accredited by the American Academy for Liberal Education in 2005.

ICU was founded in 1949. With an emphasis on reconciliation and peace, ICU was envisaged as a “University of Tomorrow,” a place where Japanese and international students would live together and learn to serve the needs of an emerging, more interconnected world. When students enter ICU they sign the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and are challenged to commit themselves to help bring about social justice and world peace. Due to this commitment to human rights, Eleanor Roosevelt delivered ICU’s first convocation address.

As of 2009, ICU had 2793 undergraduates studying in the College of Liberal Arts, with a 1020 male students and 1773 female students. The ICU Graduate School had 162 students, with 70 men and 92 women. 90.7% of ICU’s undergraduate and graduate students are Japanese citizens, and the remainder represent 39 countries.

The majority of ICU students live off-campus, either at home with their families or in apartments. As of October 2009, 249 students were living on campus. However, construction is being completed on the first of three new dormitories, which will house a total of 360 students.