Institute of Energy Technology

IFE, Institutt for Energiteknikk

IFE is an international research institute for energy and nuclear technology. IFE’s mandate is to undertake research and development, on an ideal basis and for the benefit of society, within the energy and petroleum sector, and to carry out assignments in the field of nuclear technology for the nation. The Institute strives for a more climate friendly energy system based on renewable and CO2-free energy sources.

The Institute was founded in 1948, and is today an independent foundation. The annual turnover is approximately NOK 700 million, and IFE has about 550 employees. IFE’s vision is to be an internationally leading energy research institute.

IFE’s main tasks:

  • Develop profitable, safe and environmental friendly technology within renewable energy, petroleum extraction and COmanagement
  • Maintain and further develop national expertise within reactor safety, radiation protection and nuclear technology based on the Halden and JEEP II reactors
  • Utilise the Institute’s unique nuclear reactor safety expertise in other spheres of society
  • Conduct basic research in physics based on the JEEP II reactor at Kjeller


IFE’s research aims at contributing to the advancement of Norwegian technological expertise. The Institute should be the Norwegian centre of expertise on nuclear technology.

The Halden Reactor Project, administered by the Institute for Energy Technology, is an international research cooperation on reactor safety.

IFE also cooperates with “Lillestrøm Centre of Expertise” (Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm). The Centre has sprung out from the large number of technology- and science institutions at Kjeller, and is an interest organisation for knowledge enterprises in the region Nedre Romerike. More information