Kobe City University of Foreign Studies (KCUFS)

神戸市外国語大学, KCUFS

Kobe City University of Foreign Studies is a municipal university in Japan. It is located in Gakuen-higashimachi, Nishi-ku, Kobe City.

It was founded in 1946 as Kobe Municipal College of Foreign Affairs (?????????? K?be shiritsu gaiji semmon gakk??), a coeducational college with a three-year curriculum. Kobe City was heavily damaged in World War II, and it founded the college to help restore the port city.

The college had three departments: English Language, Russian Language and Chinese Language. The first campus was located in Daikai-dori, Hyogo-ku; the school buildings were those of Daikai Elementary School, which had few pupils at that time. In 1947 the college moved to Onogara-dori, Fukiai-ku (Chuo-kunow).

In April 1949 the college was developed into Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, a four-year university under Japan’s new educational system. A new campus was opened on a hill called Kusu-ga-oka (????) in Nada-ku.

The latter history of KCUFS is as follows:

  • 1953: Evening courses (Department of English and American Studies) were added.
  • 1962: Department of Spanish Studies was added.
  • 1967: Master’s courses were added.
  • 1986: KCUFS moved to present-day “Academic Town” Campus (in Nishi-ku).
    The former Kusunoki-ga-oka Campus is now the campus of Shinwa Junior & Girls’ Senior High School.
  • 1987: Department of International Relations was added.
  • 1996: Doctoral courses (International Cultural Studies) were added.