Keio University


Keio University a Japanese university located in Minato, Tokyo. It is the oldest institute of higher education in Japan. Founder Fukuzawa Yukichi originally established it as a school for Western studies in 1858 in Edo (now Tokyo). It has eleven campuses in Tokyo and Kanagawa. It has nine faculties, which cover a wide range of academic fields, with each operating independently and offering a broad spectrum of creative and unique educational and research activities. The faculties are: Letters, Economics, Laws, Business and Commerce, Medicine, Science and Technology, Policy Management, Environment and Information Studies, Nursing and Medical Care, and Pharmacy. Keio’s baseball team plays in the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League.

Some of the prominent Keio alumni include: Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi (2001–2006), Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto (1996–1998), and Japanese Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi. Dozens of other alumni have been cabinet members and governors in the post-war period. Keio has also a reputation for developing private sector leaders – alumni include 230 CEOs of major companies and 97 CEOs of foreign affiliated companies (both highest in Japan).

Brown University, which has an exchange program with Keio, and The Japan Times have stated they consider it to be one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. It ranked 11th in the world in 2009 according to a study by École des Mines de Paris.