Bergen National Academy of the Arts

KHiB, Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen (KHiB)

Bergen National Academy of the Arts (Norwegian: Kunsthogskolen i Bergen) or KHiB is one of the two independent institutions of higher learning in the visual arts and design in Norway. It is located in Bergen, Norway. Art education has long traditions in Bergen, as the first school of art was established here in 1772, modelled on the Academy of Art in Copenhagen. The present college, Kunsthøgskolen in Bergen, is a fairly new institution which in 1996 merged two former institutions; Vestlandets kunstakademi which had been founded in 1972 and Statens hogskole for kunsthåndverk og design which dated to 1909. The institution is currently spread across several buildings at two different campuses. Authorities have promised a new collage building for this purpose, and the architectural group Snohetta have been assigned to develop the project. Originally planned for 2009, the concept has been redrawn to meet budget demands from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. The planned date for completion is 2013 (proposed).