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Kyushu University

Kyudai, 九州大学

Kyushu University  is the largest public university on the island of Kyūshū. It is located in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka.

Despite the incorporation which has led to increased financial independence and autonomy, Kyushu University is still partly controlled by the Japanese Ministry of Education (Monbukagakusho, or Monkasho).

There are a total of 1,292 foreign students (as of May 1, 2008) enrolled in the University. Easily among the top 3 (after Tokyo University and Osaka University) destination of foreign students.

Theaculty of Law, Kyushu University initiated Japan’s first English language LL.M program in October 1994. Taught from a Japanese perspective, the one year program offers students the opportunity to study international economic and business law, and Japanese and comparative law in a Japanese law faculty. A three-year LL.D. program and another one-year Master’s course in Comparative Studies of Politics and Administration in Asia (CSPA) were launched in October 1999. As a result of the success of these programs, in 2001, Kyushu University was invited by the Ministry of Education to host the Young Leader’s Program in Law, a program which, among others, seeks to foster good relations among future national leaders in Asia and other countries. In 2009, it was again selected by the Ministry of Education to host a Bilingual Program in law (LL.M). This unique master aims to overcome barriers of language and culture in the field of international law. This is achieved through law classes conducted in both Japanese and English, an internship, as well as a thesis written in both languages. Its first batch of students graduated in 2010.

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