Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute (LBERI)


Shiga Prefecture is home to Lake Biwa, the largest source of fresh water in Japan. The lake acts as a looking glass, a mirror that reflects whether Shiga is truly an eco-friendly society. Those living around the lake reflect themselves through the changes in the lake environment. Thus, the people living in Shiga are blessed with the opportunity to serve as a pioneer showing the world how to create a sustainable society not only locally but also globally.

Keeping this in mind, the Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute (LBERI) deals with Lake Biwa and its watershed as a unified system and thus comprehensively promotes scientific research to address the administrative issues on Lake Biwa and Shiga’s environment. LBERI, along with an expansive network of research institutes, approaches these challenges by focusing on healthy water cycles, material cycles, and ecosystems. As a result, LBERI contributes towards establishing a sustainable society in Shiga, which also can be taken as a global model.