National Research Institute of Aquaculture

National Research Institute of Aquaculture (NRIA) under Fisheries Research Agency (FRA) conducts basic research on various aspect of aquaculture and cultivation fisheries:

1. NRIA conducts basic studies on aquatic organisms aiming to improve breeding and seed production technology. We investigate genetic characteristics, maturation mechanisms, early development of embryo and so on to provide healthy and high performance seed for aquaculture. We also conduct ecological studies on post-release mortality of hatchery- reared fish to improve stocking effectiveness.
2. NRIA conducts studies on the materials circulation in aquaculture grounds, biological responses of aquatic organisms to environmental variability, and R & D of efficient-safe feeds and feeding methods with lower organic or nutrient loadings, for establishing sustainable aquaculture systems to achieve higher production and safety.
3. NRIA aims to establish preventive measures against aquatic animal diseases. We investigate the biochemical characteristics and pathogenesis of pathogens to build up blocking methods against infection, and also analyze immune mechanisms of aquatic animals to develop immunological methods including vaccines for prevention
4. NRIA develops and improves diagnostic methods for aquatic animal diseases, and disseminates the new improved methods to prefecture officials. Moreover, we make the confirmatory diagnosis for “Specific diseases” designated by law, and respond to requests from public institutions for investigation of diseases of unknown cause.