Saga University


Saga University is a higher education institution in Saga, Japan. The University has 5 faculties with a total of around about 7,000 students. Its 2 campuses are in Honjo (??) and Nabeshima (??).

The history of Saga University is complicated. The oldest Saga teacher’s school was demoted to the prefectural school by the law of teacher’s school.

Saga High School (?????? Saga koutou gakkou) started in 1920. This High School is origin that is Saga University. Then, Saga Teacher’s School (?????? Saga Shihan gakkou) and Saga Youth Teacher’s School (???????? Saga Seinen Shihan gakkou) started in 1943-1944. These schools was named “Saga University” in 1949. Saga Medical School (?????? Saga Ika daigaku) started in 1976. Saga University and Saga Medical School merged in 2003. And The National University corporatised in 2004.