Sophia University


Sophia University offers its well-established language courses and programs that foster international-minded persons, laying emphasis on human education. The curriculum of basic education is offered in the undergraduate faculties and advances to a higher level in education and research activities in the graduate programs. Such curriculum is facilitated by small group instructions and education that seeks wisdom and leads to practical application of the acquired knowledge. Besides offering solid education, Sophia also contributes to the society in four areas; in international contribution, social welfare, global environment, and life-long education.

Located in the center of Capital Tokyo, Sophia University’s Yotsuya Campus has both historical buildings and the modern Building No. 2, a symbolic tower of the 21st century. Here you will enjoy a rewarding campus life as a member of the Sophia family.

Sophia University will celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of its foundation in the year 2013. We are striving to become a university that can stand comparison with highly ranked universities throughout the world. To this end, The Grand Layout for Educational, Research, and Campus Renewal was published in May of 2001. Members of the university community are currently participating in polishing and improving the plans for concrete actions in these areas.

The university foundation dates back to 1913. In 1908, three Jesuit priests arrived in Japan in response to a request from the Roman Pontiff at that time, Pope Pius X. Five years later, they opened the first Catholic university in Japan on this Kioi site. The name Kioi derives from the names of three daimyo families whose mansions were located in this area: Kii-Tokugawa, Owari-Tokugawa, and Ii.