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3190 Gofuku Toyama Toyama JAPAN

Toyama University


The University of Toyama locates in Toyama City and Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture, Japan. It was formed in October 2005 by combining 3 former national universities; Toyama University (founded in 1949), Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University (founded in 1975) and Takaoka National College (founded in 1983). The origin of Toyama University is Nikawa Teachers College founded in 1875. The University of Toyam currently has three campus, Gofuku, Sugitani and Takaoka. The University of Toyama is organized by 8 faculties, 6 graduate schools, laboratories, a hospital, libraries and 18 institutes. It has about 9,300 students (including 330 international students).

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