Student Poster Competition at Techno-Ocean 2016 Conference

Student Poster Competition at Techno-Ocean 2016 Conference

The Techno-Ocean 2016 conference was held in Kobe on October 6-8. The Techno-Ocean conference has been held since 1986 as a forum for communicating and exchanging information regarding ocean related technologies. The conference invites researchers, companies and student to meet and discuss their work. During this year’s conference a student poster competition was held, in which Eirini Skylogianni from NTNU participated.  Skylogianni, a PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering and Reactor Technology group of the department of Chemical Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, received the price for Marine technology.

Skylogianni obtaindsc_0122-2ed her degree from the National Technical University of Athens, before receiving a scholarship from the Erasmus Exchange Program. She came to Norway to write a Master Thesis, through collaboration between NTNU and Statoil. After graduating she worked in the Gas Treating Technologies department at Statoil’s Research Center, and wanting in-depth knowledge of the natural gas process she was working with, she decided to pursue a doctoral degree.

Eirini Skylogianni participated with an entry based on her and Mari I. Lilleng work, conducted under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Hanna Knuutila.

“We were glad to be among the few students to be selected and the days following the notification of acceptance were full of hard work, simulations and analysis of results to prepare the conference paper and the poster” Skylogianni says. “Our work got a lot of attention with various interesting questions which I tried to answer having in mind the motivation for this work as well as provide the relevant technical information. I was happy to participate in the competition and became even happier when our work was announced in the award ceremony. Receiving the Marine Technology Society Japan Section Award gave me great satisfaction and increased even more my dedication and motivation for hard work”

About their work Skylogianni explains that Our research area is natural gas processing and, to be more specific, we are working on combining two well-established processes of natural gas treatment, i.e. hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal and hydrate control, for subsea application. As the natural gas is coming from the well, it consists of some impurities such as acid gases, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, and water vapor. The presence of water can make these acid gases very corrosive for the pipelines, while it can also lead to ice crystals, called hydrates that can clog the pipelines. Thus, removing these gas constituents is vital for trouble-free and safe operations. The focus of this work is a subsea process, to meet the industrial needs for gas production in wells located at remote areas and deep waters, where the size, weight, complexity and footprint are the main challenges. The combined process of H2S removal and hydrate control could lead to more compact, lighter and more efficient subsea installations”

Skylogianni also points out how enriching it was to participate in the Techno-Ocean conference. “It was a great opportunity for meeting researchers from different countries and disciplines, as well as getting new ideas and valuable advices from professionals with many years of experience. I applaud Techno-Ocean’s initiative to offer scholarships to students which enables them to participate in prestigious international conferences.”

For now Skylogianni is fully devoted to her research, however in the future she sees herself digging into new scientific fields through multidisciplinary collaborations.

We want to congratulate Eirini Skylogianni with this achievement, and wish her continued luck with her research project.

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